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I'm Tiff and I love to read. I have been surrounded by books and reading ever since I can remember. I come from a reading family. I was library monitor at primary school, a reading mentor in secondary school, and got my first job as a Library Assistant.

I still am a Library Assistant (over a decade later) and absolutely love working with people, information and books. Every day is different and I am constantly learning new things.

I love it so much I am partway through a degree in Information and Library studies. Working full-time and doing a degree is incredibly hard - timewise but will be worth it *crosses fingers*.

I started to receive proof copies of books and tweeting reviews (@UK_Booklover). 140 characters is just not enough to really do justice to someone's achievement so now I have a blog - and you are reading it. Thank you!

I am unable to post every day but I hope you enjoy what is posted here. Do leave a comment.

Bye for now!

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  1. Hello Tiff
    We met at Deb Harkness's signing. If you email me at author.eljames@gmail.com with the address of the library, I can send the books we discussed.
    All best